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The name of my cattery comes from the witch hazel tree in our back garden. We are situated in Dorsten, a small town on the northern fringe of the Ruhr area. We live in a terraced house with a small garden and a secured terrace with an adjacent run and a cat house. Thus our cats, though they are basically indoor cats, can enjoy some fresh air whenever they want to without the risk of being run over by a car. On the other hand, the 'wildlife' in our garden, such as birds and frogs, is safe as well. Our house has three floors and the cats have access to all the rooms with the exception of the studies.

I've had cats since 1985, but it wasn't until 2001 that I saw Norwegians on the internet and immediately fell in love with that breed. I had then just lost a cat in an accident and was looking for a successor, my first cat ever to have a pedigree, and Norwegians seemed to be exactly what I was looking for. Gremlin moved in first, Olivia the following year. Their first kittens were born in 2004, and we decided to keep one of the girls, Amelie. When Amelie had her first kittens in 2005, little Conny stayed, of our D litter we kept cute little Daphne and of our F litter Frances stayed with us.  Bilbo, our male, came in July 2006 after we had had Gremlin fixed, and Orelie in August 2008. Amelie, Conny and Olivia are neuters. In December 2009 I decided to keep Kaarlo, Orelie and Bilbo's son, born in June 2009. The latest addition to our feline family is beautiful little Quella, a daughter of Frances.

We have one more cat besides our Norwegians: Tabby, our resident moggie, she's a neuter. Click here to read more about her and to have a look at her photos. I also have a photo gallery that I try to keep up to date, so if you want to get to know our other pets or have a look at our garden you are very welcome!

If you like my cats and my website, please sign my guest book. Also please feel free to leave a photo of your cat/pet, your banner or a greeting card on my pinboard.


Hannelore Kirschner

Schwalbenstück 68, D-46286 Dorsten, Germany

Phone +492369202616


I'm a member of Rassekatzenverein in Nordrhein-Westfalen and IG Waldkatzen.