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Mog was our first cat ever. I had never considered having a cat at all, but when my son brought the little tabby kitten home one day I couldn't resist. We called her Mog after the cat in my son's favourite children's book, Judith Kerr's 'Mog in the Dark'. She was a fantastic hunter, very affectionate towards us but watchful with other people, and a perfect mother. She was never ill in her life until she got cancer. We tried surgery, of course, but after the second relapse we understood that we were fighting a losing battle and let her go.

Puschkin was Mog's daughter. We used to travel a lot and wanted another cat in the house to keep Mog company when we were abroad. Introducing a kitten into the house seemed impossible, so we decided to let Mog have kittens and then keep one. Puschkin was a very special cat for me. She followed me everywhere and always slept at the foot of my bed. It took me a long time to come to terms with her premature death of a liver disease.

Our Tuffy was a beautiful, absolutely cuddly Maine Coon mix. She died in an accident when she was only three years old. Ever since then, my cats have been indoor cats.

Gremlin, we miss you.

Maja died of kidney failure. I miss her terribly.

Rascal, we miss you.