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Though it doesn't really show, Tabby is actually a Persian mix. But unlike Puschkin, who was gentle and affectionate, Tabby turned out to be rather wild - quite impossible to keep her indoors when she was young so we gave in and let her roam the neighbourhood. However, Tuffy's death in an accident put an end to that. Tabby, like all our cats, is now confined to the house, the terrace, and the cat house at the back of the yard. She took some time getting used to the new situation but is doing fine now. Besides, she has calmed down with the years and, unfortunately, gained a lot of weight. When she isn't resting she's with her head in the food bowl, but she's still good at catching the occasional mouse. I'm sure Tabby would much rather be an only cat, but as long as she gets her fair share of attention from us she seems to be alright.



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