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Colour: blue-silver-tabby-mc/white

Parents: Corry vom Küselwind and Coco Island's Oliver


January 2011

Bilbo is a real charmer! When he moved in on 2 July 2006, he took everyone in a storm - with the exception, that is, of Tabby, but Bilbo doesn't take much to her, either. Actually, his colour wasn't what I had in mind when I started looking for a new stud once we had decided to have Gremlin neutered, but when I visited the breeder in a small town near Bremen to 'just have a look', there was something in Bilbo's eyes that told me straight away that he was 'the one'. Bilbo's very sociable, never in any way aggressive, always ready to play or cuddle, and very easy to handle when it comes to combing, going to the vet etc.
Bilbo is the father of our E-, F-, G-, H-, J-, K-, M- , N- and P- litters

January 2009

Spring 2009

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Colour: cream tabby mc/white

Parents; Snekkvikka's Orelie and Danzjell's Bilbo

My beautiful boy is the father of our O-, R- and S- litters.

Christmas 2009

October 2010

Dec. 2010

January 2011

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